COFVI is a unique education initiative in Mumbai, India, funded by Fragrance industry partners.

Research conducted by CPL Aromas and the Blind Person Association (Mumbai) clearly showed significantly heightened levels of odour perception in the visually impaired.

Based on these findings the Department of Cosmetics and Perfumery, V.G. Vaze College in Mumbai agreed  to create a perfumery course designed to give visually impaired students the basic skills and training needed to work in the fragrance industry.

On completion of the program, students have been successful in finding full time placements in the fragrance industry in India.

The initiative continues to be a success with more students enrolled, providing tangible results and demonstrating the exceptional abilities of the visually impaired in identifying and distinguishing complex odours.

COFVI hopes that this initiative will inspire Fragrance Houses throughout the world to consider training  and employing the visually impaired.