Arun Vijay Domal

Where do you live?

I live in Worli Village, Mumbai.


What is it like growing up in Mumbai with a disability?

I am a partially blind person and have 25% vision. During my first years at school, I faced many problems. I attended a normal school and not a school for the blind; all my fellow classmates would be able to see the board properly and for me it was very difficult, so I just used to note down everything whenever my teacher would speak.

But over time I learned to manage everything. I went to a good college later on and did not face many problems since I had learned to handle things on my own.


Can you give a bit of background to your life before COFVI

After graduating from college I started working in the Vodafone call centre. I  also worked as a telecaller for Tata Motors.


How did you hear about COFVI?

I heard about COFVI from the National Association for the Blind where I used to work (NAB had a Vodafone call centre in their premises). A few of my friends also told me about COFVI and the work they were doing.


Why did you apply to COFVI?

I applied to COFVI because they offered access to reputed job opportunities and a better way of life.


How has COFVI impacted your life?

COFVI has blessed my life. That's all I can say. It has given me the self confidence and self esteem which I felt was missing before joining them. And now I have developed a sense of purpose in life.

What have you been doing since graduating from COFVI?

I am now working with global leader, Firmenich, in their flavours division.


What is your favourite thing about working with fragrances?

Learning new things everyday is something which makes me happy and I always look forward to it.


What is your favourite ingredient?

I like Amber. I like everything related to Amber.


Where do you get inspiration for fragrances?

It is my teachers Ms Renuka and Mr Deepak who have inspired me to learn and work in fragrances. I have learned a lot from them and they are my Idols. To me all the interest, curiosity and the ability to smell I would say have come from these two people.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying to COFVI?

I would encourage anyone who asks about COFVI to join COFVI since it’s a great learning centre for the visually impaired, and they also strive to find us employment in the industry once we graduate as well.